A great asset to area stages of late, and should be lured back to them ASAP.

Bob MondelloWashington CityPaper

Kila is nothing short of amazing. She is smart, driven and passionate about her work. Anyone who has an opportunity to have Kila on their team won't be disappointed.

Stacy Raposa, Producer

"Kitu plays... with a charismatic richness."

LA Weekly

"As a female therapist named Frank, Kila Kitu has a powerful presence."

Chicago Reader

Kila Kitu is a great example of creativity and vision in motion. I have had the immense pleasure of sharing the stage with her in several productions as well as being directed by her. On all occasions the time spent was full of fun, laughter and creative growth and unfolding. I look forward to the next time Kila and I get to make creative magic together!

Lee Sherman, Actor

Kila is a talented and dedicated professional in every sense.

Tony Robinson, Writer/Producer

"Sweet as it is touching with Kila Kitu orbiting the piece with restrained but feeling emotion"

EyeSpy LA

Kila does such a great job of sounding beautifully creepy!

Constance Burris, Author "Black Beauty"

The emotional ride (is) made more resonant with Kila Kitu's soul-shattering, mournful singing.

EyeSpy LA

a knockout performance by Kitu.