Happiness is two kinds of ice cream Finding your skate key Telling the time Last night I spontaneously burst out into song singing lyrics half remembered. As I continued to sing – Happiness is Learning to whistle Tieing your shoes for the very first time…. – I felt my heart …

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Hot Night in the City!

Flor, me and Henry

This is my friend, Henry Ong. I am extremely proud of him. During our first outing together (Tyne Daly and Delroy Lindo in Agammennon, no less),  we almost missed the Getty shuttle. We would have missed it if we’d depended solely on my penchant to obey authority (sometimes). But Henry …

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Kila Kitu Directs FRILLY

by Darlene Donloe excerpted from Donloe’s Lowdown Frilly is a comedy on the verge of hysteria about the soul-sucking suck of growing old, growing up and the birth of the ice cream Sundae. That tagline alone makes the latest work by Sigrid Gilmer (Black Simulacra, It’s All Bueno, The Hub of the Universe, …

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