I’m an only child. But I wasn’t a lonely child. I had a rich fantasy life filled by the Shakespeare, Shange and C.S. Lewis. Who can be lonely when you’re best friends with Juliet Montague, Aslan and Storm? They taught me that love, beauty and humour come in all aspects and personalities and it’s my privilege to express that knowledge through acting.

Kila Kitu means “everything”

I have a yen to explore every facet of the human psyche. I’ve played distraught mothers, omniscient gods, wise judges – and even once a happy little boy. My work has been critically-acclaimed nation-wide and internationally

(okay, Canada, but that’s still a different nation).

I have an agent and he’s brilliant.

David Moss
H. David Moss & Assoc. Talent Agents
(818) 752-1234

What They Said….

“Wittily Acerbic” – Chicago Reader
Appealingly Sassy” – L.A. Times
Nuanced and Thought-Provoking” – Washington Post
The Future of Classical Theater” – Bob Mondello